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codex analysis

Sometimes, it can be helpful to talk to someone independent, with a different frame of reference, and not immersed within the context. Our audit follows a four-stage process

Context and information gathering

Solution design

Solution implementation

Impact establishment and evaluation

Throughout this process, we will work closely with you to methodically assess your current processes and infrastructure in order to design the right solution for you.

Whether you are just stepping into the world of performance analysis, or looking to mature and progress your current practice, we’ll unpack the demands of your environment to uncover the pinch points and opportunities for growth.

Once a contextual information gathering process is complete, we will discuss our observations with you to ensure any identified areas of recommendation are fully understood. With that insight, a detailed action plan for implementation with support along with setting achievable goals will enable you to move quickly towards your objectives.

Based on our audit and solution-building process, our service provisions are exclusively designed to fit your requirements.

With fifteen years of experience delivering analysis services across a variety of contexts (service-led, applied, operational, and educational) we know how important creating a positive experience is when it comes to putting trust in a service investment.

Whether you are looking for analysis support for your team, a variety of workshops, the management and visualisation of large data sets, or bureau services to cover leagues and teams in any sport, by taking an industry-first approach our analysis services will fulfill your needs.

Developing relationships is the first step in providing an impactful service. Our intention is to collaborate with and support people on projects that excite us and provide solutions at the same time.

If you think we can help, the best way to find out how is to get in touch.

Professional development can help to advance your career or help to maximise the impact of your work. The aim of our educational work is to create unique learning opportunities for students and practitioners who might feel they would benefit from some external and independent support.

Professional growth can be achieved in a variety of ways, but a helpful first step is outlining your aspirations and working with us on the steps to accomplish them.

How you choose to approach your professional development depends on your learning style and what you’re aiming to achieve. We provide you with the options and guidance, but you are able to build your own personal educational pathway according to your individual interests, and stage of career.

With your development our focus, the benefits of having a critical friend with access to a diverse community full of expertise across a number of domains will provide more than enough resources to stimulate learning and professional growth.

Whilst we have consulted on the development of academic curriculum, educational pathways don’t need to end with a test or exam. Mentoring and advice programs are an opportunity to access a wealth of tacit knowledge accrued during years of applied work as a performance analyst.

Making sure you have the right tools for the job is important to us. Ensuring that the investment you make in performance analysis technology for your organisation delivers the results you need to positively affect change.

With our partnered approach, we can provide you with packages or single solutions that cater to your budget and guarantee you the opportunity to deliver powerful resources that can underpin learning through performance analysis.

By providing scalable solutions and a roadmap for progression, how far you wish to take your analysis is down to you.

We will devise an implementation plan to make sure you have the knowledge and support you need to hit the ground running and continue to work with you to evolve and optimise your working practice.

Providing clarity to all stakeholders from a financial perspective in terms of a return on investment and financial sustainability is a critical component of our systems and solutions provision.

We see the provision of systems as an exciting opportunity to embark on a journey together, create workflows and processes unique to you and your preferred method of working while sticking to the primary principle of performance analysis, learning.

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