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I have known and worked with Darren since 2012. He has always been hugely committed and passionate about his role and has produced very high-level performance and consistency throughout. He has sought different approaches to improve his team’s performance both in technical and workflow innovations. In addition, a team player who is diligent and brings a high level of professionalism whilst still keeping good social interaction in the management team.
Toby Booth
Head Coach at Ospreys Rugby Ltd
Darren is an innovative and passionate member of any management group he is involved with. His outstanding work ethic encourages coaches and players to find the small details needed to enhance performance. His longevity as an analyst highlights his expertise and drive to continually improve both his own and his team’s performance.
Richard Whiffin
Attack Coach at Scarlets Rugby
There’s no wonder that Darren has been at the top of his field of Analysis for the length of time he has. Since working alongside him for 4 seasons, he always had the drive to innovate and bring the best out of the team of coaches and analysts around him. He’s been a sounding board to me and someone who’s opinion I will continue to value and trust within the industry.
Aled Griffiths
Head Performance Analyst at Ospreys Rugby
I have known Darren for a number of years connected to the performance analysis working community, he has consistently demonstrated a very high level of professional competency and approach to every aspect of this working area, he approaches his work and personal relationships with a concerning and caring manner and it has been a pleasure to work on projects with him. I can highly recommend Darren as one of the emerging high-level analysts in this new growing industry.
Jon Moore
Independent Consultant at Analysis Pro
I taught Darren for 3 years at Cardiff Met (UWIC). We have worked closely together in a student-lecturer relationship through dissertation supervision, employer-employee through the management of the WRU PA bureau, and continue to maintain a professional relationship as peers/friends in the PA industry. Throughout each of these stages, he has proven himself to be an analyst with high capability who continues to assist my learning journey. An asset to all...
Darrell Cobner
Performance Analysis Lecturer
Working with Darren was an absolute pleasure. Although Darren has such a wealth of experience in his field, he is completely open to taking on board the expertise of others in order to gain new insights that can be carried through into his own sector, and ultimately benefit everyone he works with. I look forward to working with him again soon.
Russell Anderson-Williams
Presentation design agency founder / Prezi expert / Author / Presentation designer & trainer / aka The Prezi Guy.
I had the pleasure of working with Darren as the defence coach of Gloucester Rugby. Darren provided key statistical and video analysis to support our defensive system, players’ individual development, and preparation for upcoming games. He combines an acute rugby IQ, critical thought and passion to innovate to deliver an outstanding product in all of the above areas. I could not recommend Darren highly enough and will always be hugely appreciative for his efforts and support.
Dom Waldouck
Defence Coach at Gloucester Rugby
Darren’s has the exceptional technical ability you’d rightfully expect for someone who’s worked at the level he has for an extended period of time. What truly sets him apart though is his collaborative approach in facilitating not just the purposeful selection of data with context but in constantly evaluating the manner in which it’s used and how this impacts on both the overall environment, learning/development process and most fundamentally the people he’s working with. A truly exceptional team member with an innate ability to ask pertinent questions and keep his eye on the bigger picture, yet also able to dive into the granular when appropriate. Whether you’re looking to evaluate systems within an organization from a business perspective, explore the possibilities of what an integrated use of analysis can do in your coaching team or simply accelerate your development as a coach or analyst Darren will add immediate and long lasting benefits.
Elaine Vassie
Darren mentored me through my season-long MSc placement with Gloucester Rugby. Darren has vast knowledge and technical understanding of performance analysis and was able to effectively communicate this to me. His passion to learn and develop as an individual is infectious and aligns him to be a leader within team settings. Darren always has a positive, can-do attitude and has inspired me to pursue a career in performance analysis.
George Edwards
Gloucester Rugby Academy Performance Analyst
Darren’s passion for learning and drive towards improving high-performing environments is unquestionable. I continue to have the pleasure of working with Darren on partnership projects, University curriculum writing, and discussions around high-performance trends. Darren’s ability to manage multiple projects and communicate his vision with clarity is a real stand-out. Every conversation with Darren leads to new ideas and critical thinking. I truly believe he would make for a great asset to any team.
Thomas Legge
Associate Head of Department University Sport (Coaching, Business & Education) | BUCS Rugby Union Coach
I had the pleasure of working with Darren during the curriculum development of our MSc Applied Performance Analysis. Darren's industry knowledge paired with his critical awareness of the applied landscape of student learning produced innovative collaboration. I would highly recommend Darren for his consultancy work.
Dr Martin Longworth
Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching & PE at Hartpury University
Darren has been one of the leaders in applied performance analysis over the last 10 years with a constant drive for combining innovation with direct & consumable coaching insights. In his relationship with Opta, he has been one of the key stakeholders in an active analysis & coaching role that has driven the improvements made in our rugby data & technology platforms. Darren has an exceptional ability to think outside of the hectic day-to-day of professional sport and look at the bigger picture of performance processes with a hunger to listen & learn from other sports & industries.
Ben Mackriell
VP Pro Products at StatsPerform